Flashback Friday

Boxer Jeremiah Holcombe, a 16-year-old Ione resident, has a great 1-2-3 combination and a long reach with a powerful punch. These boxing attributes, along with his commitment to train, helped Jeremiah win his first fight at the All-Valley Summer Slam, a high school and college boxing tournament at Stockton Civic Auditorium on August 20.

Jeremiah’s trainer is his dad Bob Holcombe, a former fighter.

“My son and I train together,” Bob Holcombe said. “I am preparing him for a fight in Lake Tahoe in January. That fight will move him to the next level, which is amateur.”

Jeremiah will begin training next month at a gym in Stockton where he will have the opportunity to spar with teens his own age.

The high school matches Jeremiah is presently participating in are three 45-second rounds.

“When Jeremiah officially begins boxing amateur, the matches will be three 3-minute rounds,” Bob Holcombe said.