Hot, hot, hot! That’s the only way to describe the fishing reports coming out of our local lakes.

Lake Camanche: The trout bite has been stellar. I recently spoke to a local professional guide, Robbie Dunham from the Koke Machine boat, and he has been getting full limits of trout for his clients on a regular basis. Here is a tip from him about trout: 25-45 feet down, find that cool water trout love over the river channels, use red/gold or copper/gold speedy shiners. For bass: You could pretty much throw a shoe and catch one, but I’d probably stick to what you do best and are comfortable with; suggestions would be Z-man TRD on a Ned rig, Senko’s and crank baits; the bite has been great with reports of anglers getting 40-50 fish days.

Lake Pardee: The kokanee bite and the trout bite are both stellar. I’d recommend Three Sons tackle or GVF Hoochies and Dodgers in pink, gold and orange or in a variety of such; 35-60 feet deep and keep an eye on your speed, only 1.2-1.5 MPH for the koke’s. Bass: These fish have had zero pressure for a long time and they are hungry! Lots of fish being caught and released. That’s key for keeping up the bass population.

Lake Amador: Trout bite is still active and I recently spoke to Lee Lockhart and he is getting ready to stock 1,000 pounds of catfish and 1,000 pounds of Amador Golds! Trolling for trout, I’d stick to main body open water, go from the dam to Jackson Creek. Red/gold/, copper/red speedy shiners, 2.8-3.0 MPH, 15-35 feet worked best this week. Also, Rapalas did the trick. Surface temperature was 69.3 degrees as of May 19. As the surface temp heats up, maybe drop those 4FINS downrigger weights a tad. You are really looking for that 58 degree water the trout like to be in. Bass: For best action try Cat Cove or Rock Creek; Ned Rig, Carolina rig; top water in the morning produced fish as well. Amador has some nice bass. With the other lakes now open, some of that pressure has been released on these fish and the bite will be picking back up after the rest. Catfish: Chicken liver or anchovy, or maybe a chunk of ham from your sandwich … let’s face it, they eat anything. Trout shore fisherman use PowerBait, night crawlers and garlic scent!

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