James "Lights Out" Dorris

James “Lights Out” Dorris wins in the unanimous decision over Bryan Williams in Sacramento on Saturday, October 5.

James “Lights Out” Dorris claimed his fourth boxing title belt, the Masters UCA Junior Heavyweight title, following his unanimous decision win over Bryan Williams in the Main Event of the NorCal “Battle of the Badges” boxing show in downtown Sacramento on Saturday, October 5.

Dorris was the aggressor through all three rounds of the fight, closing the distance with his jab and then followed on with left-right hook combinations form closer range. Williams tried to stay elusive, bending from the waste to attempt to slip or dodge Dorris’s punches and then counter-punch. But Dorris was able to track his opponent, landing punches at odd angles following the twists and turns of Williams. After the full three rounds, the judges unanimously scored the fight for Dorris

Dorris, who is an officer with and was representing the Folsom police department, is owner and head trainer of Warrior Fitness in Martel. The gym recently made headlines when members apprehended a suspect fleeing the Amador County Sheriff Office Deputies in September. Dorris clearly had a home-field advantage in his fight, with supporter cheering him on with chants of “Dorris! Dorris!” all through the fight. Williams, who represents the Freso Police Department, and Dorris have been circling each other for years in the world of law enforcement boxing, with many opponents in common but never meeting face-to-face. Dorris called the fight ‘ten years in the making” before the bout.