While we are all running around and dealing with our daily lives, there is a special group of hometown heroes operating and running the Mt. Zion Lookout Tower.

On Friday, October 23, at the CAL FIRE Amador El Dorado Unit - Sutter Hill, 11600 Highway 49 in Sutter Creek, staff and volunteers gathered to celebrate all that has been accomplished.

Over the fire season over 70 fires were spotted from Mt. Zion first, with critical information arriving to firefighters, and with perfect timing, in keeping us all safe.

While the planned event was to focus on volunteers, these hometown heroes took the opportunity to thank CAL FIRE as well.

“I wasn’t expecting for the volunteer staff to honor us. I was so humbled by the show of support and pure dedication to the program from our amazing volunteers,” said CAL FIRE Public Information Officer Diana Stuart. “As the Volunteer In Prevention (VIP) Coordinator for AEU, I couldn’t be more proud of the Mt. Zion Lookout Volunteers. They are all truly dedicated and proud of their position and it shows. Of course they are so empowered due to the heartfelt leadership of our Volunteer Lookout Coordinator, Rich Martin. Rich has a passion for the Lookout Program that radiates to all who are fortunate to be a part of its mission. With his leadership and ability to manage the entire Mt. Zion Lookout Program, Mt. Zion is an example of excellence in the fire lookout community and will help to bolster more support for staffed CAL FIRE lookouts throughout Northern California.” 

Special thanks to:

Mt.Zion Lookout Coordinator, Rich Martin

The 2020 Volunteers:

Alex Sharp

Scott Morrison

Deborah Abrams

Rocky Lane

Wendy Hunter

Jason Hunter

Christie Lane

Gary Hankins

James Shear

Rich Ferro

Ken Doughtery

Howard Edson

Lori Mote 

Cal Fire Staff:

Amador- Eldorado Unit Chief, Scott Lindgren

Division, Chief Robert Withrow

Battalion Chief, Mike Weidner

Public Information Officer, Diana Stuart

(LEDGER PHOTOS/Jack Mitchell)