Sean Patrick Purdy

Sean Purdy

The arrest warrant in court documents for 20 year-old Sean Patrick Purdy outlines more details about his alleged involvement in the murder and disappearance of his father, Lance Purdy, from earlier this week. 

According to the ACSO, Lance returned home from out of state to check on Sean’s welfare. After repeated attempts to reach Lance by phone, Lance’s wife, who was out of state, contacted a neighbor to check on the Purdy home.

The warrant states that the neighbor made brief contact with Sean, who then fled the property in his father’s car a short time later. The neighbor then accessed the Purdy residence and found, amongst other things, a fire pit with remains of burnt clothes, blood trails inside and outside the home, and a forged suicide note in the victim’s name, which was later identified as Sean’s handwriting. The neighbor then immediately contacted the Amador County Sheriff’s Office.

Upon arrival, sheriff deputies found more blood, a note written by Sean containing serious threats to others, and a Walmart receipt for items consistent with the crime scene. Additionally, recovery of the family’s Ford Mustang away from the home revealed more evidence of blood spatter.

Currently, Sean Purdy remains in custody in Washoe County, where he was arrested Thursday, January 2, 2020.  The search for the body of Lance Purdy is continuing by Amador County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team throughout the area. More details will be shared as they are released by law enforcement.