Amador County Transportation Commission recently completed a survey to better understand the experience as a walker and cyclist within Amador County. The questionnaire addressed the purpose and preferences of walking and bicycling trips, the barriers to walking and bicycling, and the locations that residents are currently walking and bicycling. More than 400 responses were received and a report was given on the results at a recent Amador County Transportation Commission (ACTC) Board Meeting by Allison Platt, ACTC’s Transportation Planner.

Safety came through as a large concern for survey respondents. When asked what the most important reasons to invest in walking and biking were, the most common response was safety for walking and biking followed by creating safe routes to schools for walking and biking and increasing health and physical activity. 

Overall, the results showed that the majority of respondents use cycling and walking for recreation over transportation currently. The majority of respondents indicated they walk for leisure/fitness and to walk a pet. When asked how often they walked, 56 percent of respondents said regulary, if not daily. Regular cyclists totaled 11 percent with an additional 22 percent of survey responders indicating that they bike occassionally.

Longer distances for walks were the standard for repsondents. 47 percent of walkers are comfortable walking a distance of more than two miles and an additional 18 percent walk up to two miles comfortably. Of the three hundred and eighty-six respondents regarding comfortable cycling distances, 10.9 percent cycled eleven to twenty miles, and 16.6 percent were comfortable with distances of more than twenty miles. 

When asked what facilities were the most important to promote walking and biking, the majority of respondents indicated the need for more walking and biking paths and trails.

Next steps include drafting a Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan. Updates will be posted on Individuals are encouraged to map their cycling and walking routes on the website in an effort to identify the many locations used by locals and visitors.