I have been driving myself crazy for about the past four days. Why? I don’t have an answer for that. I ‘fell’ across this YouTube Channel called “Hope For Paws” and I just can’t seem to stop watching. 

The premise is simple. There is this young man in Los Angeles named Eldad Hagar, who goes out and rescues street dogs. He captures them – which is sometimes a herculean feat in itself – and then takes the poor animals to a veterinary clinic for medical examinations, treatment, and grooming. Some of these dogs are fairly new to being a stray, so they are pretty easily captured and taken care of. But some of these seasoned strays – those that have been on the streets for many months, if not years, are very good at avoiding capture. 

Quite a few of these dogs are in very poor shape. If they are a long-haired breed, they are usually so matted there is no hope but to shave them completely. One dog was so matted, he could hardly move, and it was just heart-breaking to see this poor ‘puppy’ try to avoid capture. He just didn’t know that his life was going to change for the better, so he did everything in his little mind to get away from his rescuers. 

Eldad and his helpers always try to find the owners, either by scanning for a microchip, or asking around to neighbors. Some of the stories about how these dogs became homeless are heart wrenching! Absolutely wrenching. How in the name of holy Hades can people be that callous and uncaring? Just because your dog got pregnant is not a good reason to simply shove her out the front door and close it. Permanently! I don’t understand how any two-legged ‘animal’ can do something like that. It’s the owner’s fault in the first place because such things as spay and neuter are usually available for pretty low cost, and yet it’s not done. Then when the inevitable happens, the dog is no longer wanted and litters are born under abandoned houses, in sewer drains, in junk yards, and along highways. 

Eldad has been asking for small donations to help continue his work. Lots of folks give him $5 a month for a year, but if he has enough people giving him those small donations, he can continue doing this wonderful service. He has now expanded his services to not only dogs, but to cats and kittens, bunnies, a chicken, and even a donkey was rescued from a sadistic owner that had tied his two front legs together with wire and it about cut his feet off. That one about made me sick. How can anyone do that? I don’t understand. 

To me, a pet is for life. Check out “Hope For Paws” on YouTube. You might become addicted, too. I love to hear from you at: