Rain, rain, go away. And please don’t come back another day. 

Well, not really. I know we will always ‘need’ the water, but we seem to have an over-abundance of water again this year. I live at about the 3,500 ft. level in Pioneer. First came snow… the deepest snow since I’ve been here – eight years. Then we had several days of rain that washed away most of the snow. (Not all of it.) Now we’re back into unrelenting rain again. 

When it started to wash away the snow, I texted my sons and predicted (easy prediction) that there was going to be flooding down in the flatlands. Well, duh! Not only torrential rain, but several feet of snow washing away at the same time. Lots and lots of water falling out of the mountains.

So, we watch the news and there’s flooding. Lots of flooding. It even made the national news.

I remember as a kid many, many years ago that the Russian River flooded… seemed like every couple years. We would be watching the TV evening news, (which was brand new then) and they would show horrendous pictures of Gurneville homes under water, and sad, sad stories of those poor people that were flooded out. FEMA would swoop in, dispense money like candy, and all those flood-displaced people would simply rebuild their homes in the same place. 

My parents used to grouse every time about the fact that Gurneville was in a flood plain, people were flooded out over and over again, and then they turned around and built in the same place. Does that make sense? It’s like that proverbial repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different result. 

So here we are many (many) years later, and the Russian River is still flooding in a bad year, Gurneville is still being flooded out, and it’s the same old, same old. You would think that the third or fourth time that downtown Gurneville was flooded out, they would get the hint. 

I just don’t understand how they can still be complaining about the exact same thing that used to happen when I was a kid, when I was a young married woman with kids, and now that I’m a Senior Citizen. And I’m older than dirt now!! Exactly the same news. Rain. Flooded Russian River. Flooded Gurneville. Sounds like a broken record. 

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