code red

Sign up today to receive CodeRED Emergency Alerts from the Amador County Sheriff’s Office by following these steps:

• Log

• Click on the CodeRED logo located at the upper left side of the page.

• Review information on page to learn more about CodeRED.

• Click the “Click here to sign up for CodeRED emergency notifications”

button, which will take you to the CodeRED enrollment page.

• Enter your home telephone number, cellular telephone number(s), address and email.

Enter any other pertinent contact information.

• Add the following numbers to your telephone contact list: Amador Emergency Alert - 866-419-5000 and Amador Community Alert - 855-969-4636.

• Send email to if you have questions or problems  registering on the CodeRED enrollment page or call 209-223-6384.

Additional Emergency Preparedness Resources:

Amador County OES:

Amador County Emergency Information Line: 209-223-6333 Cal Fire:

Department of Homeland Security: