I had a terrible experience at McDonald’s, and I just can’t get it out of my head. I don’t know if I was treated badly because I’m old and wouldn’t fight back, or if the high school-aged clerk just didn’t care. Evidently McDonald’s doesn’t care either, because I’ve called them multiple times, and spent at least an hour on Google trying to find an actual person to talk to. Guess large corporations aren’t as ‘responsive’ as they would like you to believe.

On my way home from Santa Clara, it was later in the day, and the last meal I had was breakfast. As most of you know I’m mostly a vegetarian, but being vegetarian is difficult when you’re not home. I sometimes stop at McDonald’s to get a glass of tea or an iced coffee, but because it was after 4:00 p.m. and I was hungry, I decided I would have something to eat. I pulled into the line and almost immediately someone pulled behind me. I was ‘trapped.’ 

It took 13 minutes to get up to the speaker to order. When I got to the window to pay, I asked the girl why it took almost 18 minutes to get to the first window? She acted like she had no idea that they were slow. Without looking at me, she quietly muttered a standard apology. 

It took a total of 19 minutes to get to the second window, and the girl looked at me, turned and walked away towards the front counter. She finished with a customer out there, then came back; an additional minute and a half. I observed five bags ready to go out of the window. I asked her when the food had been placed there, and she replied “moments ago.” I opened the bag and felt that the heat had already left the burger, so I said to her, “I don’t want this cold food, I want fresh hot burgers.” She said okay, took the bag from me and disappeared. 

She came back two minutes later, handed me the bag and I felt that it was too hot. I took the burgers out, realized they had been placed in the microwave, and told her, “I don’t want this food, I want fresh hot burgers.” Her reply? “We will NOT recook your food!” She slammed the window closed, and walked away. At that point, I had several choices. I could stay there at the window and she would probably call the police, or I could leave. I felt sorry for the fellow behind me who had also been waiting more than 20 minutes, and I knew he was going to get cold food. 

I got back on the highway, fuming. When I opened the burger to eat it, it was so hot from the microwave, the cheese melted out all over the paper. No catsup, no pickle, nothing. What I intended as a ‘treat’ turned into a huge frustration. I’ve been calling McDonald’s every day since, with absolutely no reply. My Google research turned up at least three names for CEO, two addresses, and no luck at all trying to find any District Management to actually talk to. Humph!

Of course, I will never visit that particular McDonald’s in Tracy again, and I learned that McDonald’s just doesn’t care. Lesson learned! 

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