BOS Socially Distant

Socially distancing themselves, the audience listened as the Amador County Board of Supervisors ratified the medical emergency declaration made last week by Amador County Health Officer, Dr Rita Kerr.

The Amador Board of Supervisors have declared a local emergency to address the COVID-19 Pandemic, and new restrictions will be coming to Amador County to try and slow the spread of the virus. 

Meeting in an emergency session Thursday afternoon, with both Supervisors and audience members in space-out seating as a precaution, the Board voted unanimously to ratify the medical emergency declaration made last week by Amador County Health Officer Dr. Rita Kerr. 

Kerr then previewed a new Emergency Health Order that her office would be issuing for Amador County, either tonight or tomorrow morning. This order is similar to orders now in effect in both Sacramento and the Bay Area, that orders people to stay in their homes when-ever possible, and the closing of many businesses that are not considered essential. Grocery stores, banks, and media would be listed as essential, while restaurants would only be allowed to operate on a carry-out basis. As Dr. Kerr described it “This allows people to take a walk, walk their dog, or go for a drive. What we want people not to do, is go where people are gathering in numbers.”

The order will be enforceable by law, however both Dr. Kerr and Amador County Sheriff Martin Ryan stated the purpose of this was not to stop and question individuals about their comings and goings, but as a tool for getting compliance from businesses that do not shut-down or alter operations voluntarily.

Dr. Kerr stated that her office has records of 87 tests for COVID-19 being given in Amador County, 46 of those have returned negative, with the rest still pending. One Amador resident traveling abroad has tested positive for the virus, they are recovering outside the County.