Calaveras Public Health is excited to announce the release of the Calaveras Oral Health Needs Assessment. The report tells the story of oral health in the county.  The Calaveras Oral Health Program will use the needs assessment to direct the program to meet the oral health needs of the community.  

The Oral Health Community Needs Assessment is a study performed by the Calaveras County Health and Human Services Agency, Public Health Division, that showed that 76% of Calaveras residents valued their oral health, yet 68% of people have suffered tooth loss. Oral Health is a term used to talk about the health or your mouth, teeth, tongue, gums and upper throat. Poor oral health is linked to other health problems like as diet, heart disease, diabetes and cancers and as well as self-esteem, and school and work attendance.  Cavities are one of the most common chronic diseases in the United States, yet they are 100% avoidable. A person with poor oral health can also have a hard time speaking, eating and smiling. 

The Calaveras Oral Health Program is working to keep Calaveras healthy and smiling.

A Community Needs Assessment was done by the program to better realize the needs of the county.  The data for the report was collected through 20 interviews and over 800 surveys from community members. The report shows the need for oral health education and better access to dental care. The findings from the report were used to write an Oral Health Improvement Plan for the Calaveras Oral Health Program. 

“So it [oral health] impacts everything you do in life. I mean job wise, family wise everything because your smile is your first, you get your first impression of people by their smile.  And mine’s been so messed for so long that, that I just got out of smiling, I just don’t smile anymore,” said one person in an Oral Health Community Needs Assessment interview 

Brushing your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste, flossing once a day and going to the dentist at least once a year will help keep your mouth healthy.  For more information about the Calaveras Oral Health Program, please contact Public Health at (209) 754-6460 or visit our website at publichealth.calaverasgov.us/Health-Education-Programs/Oral-Health 

Calaveras Oral Health Program, helping make healthy smiles happen.