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The City of Jackson is proposing to extend Sutter Street from its current terminus at Argonaut Drive to the upper part of Hoffman Street. The purpose of the extension is to improve pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular safety and existing and future traffic circulation. The extension of Sutter Street will provide a superior route which bypasses and avoids Hoffman which is steep, has multiple residential accesses and has a historically dangerous intersection with Highway 49/88. The extension of Sutter Street has been planned for a number of years and is listed in the 2008 General Plan Circulation Element as a necessary project. Signalization of the intersection of Sutter Street with Highway 49/88 was the first phase of the circulation project.

In early 2020 the City hired an engineering consultant, GHD, to review potential alignments of the Sutter Street extension and its intersection with Hoffman Street. Three alternatives were reviewed and presented to the City Council in December 2020. One alternative was dismissed as it created a conflict with the continued EPA cleanup project on the Argonaut Mine site. The Council directed the Planning Commission to hold a community workshop to review the remaining two alternatives. Specifically, the Council would like public input and Planning Commission recommendation regarding the preferred design of the Sutter Street extension intersection with Hoffman. The options are a traditional stop-controlled intersection or a roundabout.

For more detailed information regarding the intersection alternatives please refer to the Sutter Street Extension Project Recommendations Memorandum prepared by GHD which can be found on the City’s website:

The Planning Commission - Sutter Street Extension Workshop is scheduled for March 1, 2021 at 6:30 pm. The public is invited to attend in person at the Jackson Civic Center, 33 Broadway or virtually:

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Join by Phone: (623) 404-9000, Meeting ID No.: 149 443 1130#

Please contact City Planner Susan Peters with any questions: or (209) 223-1646 ext. 111.