Neil Starr

A confrontation in the Dollar General parking lot in Buckhorn left 73-year-old Neil Starr bloodied. 

The Amador County Sheriff’s Office is seeking a man in connection to a report of battery on Monday, September 30. Deputies responded to Dollar General in Buckhorn around 5:18 p.m. Monday, finding an elderly man, Neil Starr, who reported he had been punched in the face twice by a man in his mid-20s.

“I was actually in the Dollar General parking lot. I was on the slope as it goes up in Buckhorn,” Starr said. “I saw a gentleman behind me, just super agitated. I don’t know, he came out of nowhere. He didn’t follow me off the highway, didn’t do anything else, I was already at the Dollar General. He was agitated, screaming and yelling. I was waiting for a woman to push her cart across the street. All of sudden, he floors it and goes around me and literally just misses her, nearly hits my car and three others.”

Starr, who is 73 years old, approached the driver of the mid-to-early 2000s brown or tan Honda and banged on the window. The driver got out and punched Starr in the face before leaving the scene. Starr went on to describe the younger driver as 6-foot-1 inches tall to 6-2, in his mid-20s, very buff with short hair and no visible tattoos.

“Next thing I know, I’m on the ground and I’m bleeding every which way,” said Starr. “The guy’s just a bigger guy and just full of rage … absolutely full of rage.”

Starr went on to explain that he just intended to confront the driver over his reckless actions because he was concerned about others in the area. He stated the unidentified driver nearly hit several in the parking lot, not just his vehicle and the woman attempting to push her cart across the street.

“If that guy is that crazy, this could happen again,” said Starr. “I didn’t expect anything like that whatsoever. Nor did I expect the wrath he laid upon me. He hit me three times and threw me in the rocks. … You don’t do that to somebody, no matter what you do.”

Starr suffered broken orbital bones and a fractured cheek bone in the confrontation, but maintains a positive attitude, preferring to see the lighter side instead of focusing on the negative. Deputies were unable to immediately locate the driver or the vehicle and the incident remains under investigation.

“My concern is for somebody else,” said Starr. “If anyone else sees it, report it to the police, report it to the Sheriff.”