Tim Swisher

Tim Swisher

A former Amador High School coach stands accused of stealing from the school’s wrestling program.

Appearing in front of Judge J.S. Hermanson in Amador Superior Court on Thursday, January 9, Tim Swisher was arraigned on nine felony counts, including eight charges of grand theft embezzlement and one charge of vandalism.

Grand theft embezzlement is defined as the unlawful taking of more than $950. If convicted of all charges, Swisher faces up to a maximum of 25 years in prison.

Judge Hermanson read off each of the nine counts, then ordered that Swisher present himself to be booked by the Amador County Sheriff’s office and then be released on his own recognizance. Swisher appeared out of custody and had not been arrested before his January 9 court date.

Swisher was back in court on Thursday, January 16, when the arraignment was completed.

According to the criminal indictment in the case, Swisher is alleged to have taken for his own use money obtained from fundraisers intended to support the Amador wrestling program. He is alleged to have taken $3,500 from the 2016 Amador County Fair parking concession; $1,100 from food sales at the fair in 2017; and $3,500 from parking concessions at the 2018 fair. He is also accused of taking wrestling singlets, hoodies, merchandise and other athletic equipment from the Amador wrestling program worth more than $4,700. Swisher is also alleged to have cut up a wrestling mat valued at $10,000, taking a portion of it for himself, which is accounted for in the vandalism charge and one of the grand theft charges.

At the January 16 hearing, the prosecutor in the case announced that her office intended to amend the indictment with adjusted numbers and dates.

A preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled for Monday, January 27