Guest Commentary

Apparently, some actually believe the story Kandi Thompson told in her letter to the editor. The following comments are based on my comments made during public comments at the May 22, 2019, board meeting.

I found a letter to the editor in May 17, 2019 Ledger Dispatch to be the funniest thing in the paper that day; even funnier than the cartoons. The letter appears to be an official statement, since it does not contain the disclaimer required by page 15 of the Board’s Governance Handbook and is signed with her official title. It also was sent through district e-mail, which is an improper use of district resources for political purpose. The letter contained some fantastic and inaccurate claims, some of which were outright lies.

I’m going to start with the most absurd. The author referred to me in her letter as a “recently non-re-elected board member” and claimed that I posted the latitude and longitude coordinates of the board resident [sic] and superintendent’s homes.” I wonder if she even knows what latitude and longitude are; I have street addresses for the various board members and the superintendent, and they are easily available online. Anyone could use any of dozens of apps to determine the latitude and longitude for those address, but unless I am setting up a telescope, I wouldn’t bother. Going on, she claims that I encouraged recall supporters “to stand in front of their doors when they tried to get out of their cars.” I am not aware of anyone, including myself, advocating that. I am fundamentally a pacifist and I oppose violence, and this would qualify as violence in my mind. I would not advocate such an act. 

I offered her a chance to produce this post, but no such post ever existed, so I was unsurprised when there was no response. I asked her to retract and apologize if she could not produce the evidence. There was also no response to this. As she stated at a recent meeting, she is a devout Christian, so I don’t believe she would knowingly violate the Commandment that tells her she must not bear false witness, yet her claim is exactly this. Did someone set her up with false information with the intent of making her look foolish? Did she have a lucid dream that she has since confused with reality? If either of these were the case, I would have expected that she would have retracted and apologized. 

Then she says “this is who you have leading the supporters of this recall.” I was not leading the recall efforts. I am an outspoken advocate of recalling the board members from districts 4 and 1, and a somewhat quieter advocate of recalling the other two. I gave advice to the recall effort and will continue to do so. She might want to research her facts just a tiny bit before sending them to be printed. Since she appears unable to distinguish fact from fiction, I would suggest that Kandi is unfit for public office, and should resign immediately.

Bob Laurent, Pioneer