Double Fatality

On Friday, November 13, 2020, at 3:08 p.m. Brandon Harris, 43, of Mokelumne Hill, was driving his silver Jeep Cherokee southbound Highway 49, south of Highway 16 at approximately 40 miles per hour in a light rain during the afternoon. Rebecca Swafford, 39, and a young male child, 4, were passengers in his vehicle. He was in a row of cars as he traveled. Ted Williams, 68, of Plymouth, was also in a row of vehicles, driving his red Ram 1500 northbound on Highway 49 at about the same speed. His wife Laurna Williams was riding with him.

The silver Jeep was seen, slightly running off of the right shoulder of the roadway, then sharply turning to the left into the northbound lane. Williams had no time to react, and the front of the Ram 1500 crashed into the right side of Harris' Jeep Cherokee. There was major impact damage to both vehicles. Harris and Swafford did not survive the collision. The young child was in critical condition. The Williams' in the Ram 1500 were able to walk away with minor injuries, and were transported to the hospital for precaution.

This traffic accident took place during the first heavy rainfall of the season. Amador CHP would like to remind drivers of slick road conditions associated with winter driving.