PG Stage Stop

Long lines begin to dwindle after PSPS causes residents to seek fuel at Pine Grove Stage Stop. 

Pacific Gas and Electric stated Sunday night that it was able to begin patrols and inspections in the northern Sierra, northern valley and along the coast earlier than anticipated – restoring 20,000 to 50,000 people prior to the press conference. However, officials iterated there may be customers who will not be restored prior a forth possible Public Safety Power Shutdown beginning Tuesday, October 29. Notifications were already started Sunday evening to those who may be impacted by the potential PSPS.

The utility stated there are 6,000 personnel on the ground, 44 helicopters and a fixed-wing aircraft are being leveraged for inspections. PG&E had also gotten an additional 130 personnel from industry partners, 110 committed to begin on Monday, October 28 and 150 construction crews to assist in damage repairs. They have also requested an additional 40 helicopters. The current PSPS has impacted approximately 960,000 people across California and 100,000 who were not included in the PSPS as a result of the high winds.

“I urge all of you to make sure you are prepared in the event your power doesn’t come back,” stated PG&E President and CEO Andrew Vesey.

Vesey stated it was going to be “tight” restoring power to those affected by the current PSPS before the fourth one potentially begins on Tuesday around 8:00 a.m. The upcoming PSPS may last into Wednesday morning, but PG&E will continue to monitor the wind storm and will update information as it becomes available. Officials stressed their objective is still to restore everyone before the next event hits, but want everyone to be ready for the possibility they may not have power prior to the next PSPS.