Amador County Public Health

COVID-19 Situation Update

To date Amador County Public Health has received 2,029 test results.

• Total positive confirmed case count: 20

• Total cases currently hospitalized: 0

• Total recovered of the confirmed cases: 10

• Total in isolation: 10

This week, Amador County Public Health confirmed a COVID-19 case cluster linked to the case reported Monday. That person had traveled to areas with more COVID-19 activity, indicating exposure to the virus outside of the county. Others that worked with this individual subsequently tested positive.

While the case cluster meets the threshold of a workplace outbreak, in Amador’s small town environment, publishing the employer risks public identification of the cases involved. Confidentiality cannot be violated as part of a contact tracing process. The Public Health Department cannot reveal any information that could identify these individuals. The employer has openly cooperated with all contact tracing efforts and continues to fully cooperate with Public Health. Prior to the index case testing positive they incorporated all recommended modifications to the business environment minimizing the risk to any members of the public who may have entered. No further details will be provided regarding these cases.

This morning another positive case was reported in a female resident of Sutter Creek in her 20s. Public Health is launching standard contact tracing protocol and investigating her likely point of exposure.

Total confirmed COVID-19 case count is now at 20, with 10 recovered to date.