Four horses were rescued from a property in Burson on August 27.

Officials from multiple local agencies continue to go head-to-head with the owner of four emaciated horses rescued last week by Calaveras Consolidated Fire on a property in Burson.

Two mares and two colts were seized from the property on August 27 in severe condition. One mare was in such bad shape, she had to be assisted to her feet with the use of a tractor and web straps. Calaveras Animal Control, Animal Services and veterinarians from Jackson and Angels Camp assisted in the rescue and care of the horses.

Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of veterinarians, one of the mares had to be euthanized. According to Calaveras Consolidated Fire Chief Richard Dickinson, there are still 20-plus horses on the property, some of which seem to be healthy, but others are not.

On Tuesday, officials from multiple agencies involved with the rescue met for a post-seizure hearing requested by the owner, whose name has not been released, of the horses. The results of the hearing were not known at the time of publication.