Ione City Council

The Ione City Council met in a nearly empty room on Friday, March 20.

Meeting in a special session on Friday evening, March 20, the Ione City Council voted to approve an emergency declaration in response to the growing crisis over CODVID-19.

Meeting in a nearly-empty room at City Hall and carefully seated at a distance from each other, the council voted unanimously for a resolution declaring the emergency in Ione.

The emergency declaration enables the city to apply for reimbursement from state and federal agencies for money spent addressing the virus.

The declaration also allows individuals and businesses in the city to apply for various programs – both current and under discussion – to help those affected by COVID-19 and the near-total lockdown in place in Amador County and the State of California in order to slow the spread of the disease.

Ione City Hall remains closed to in-person customers.