Ione Fire

The new water tender arrived at the City of Ione Fire Station on Monday, June 22, 2020.

On Monday, June 22, Ione Fire Chief Ken Mackey welcomed the 2020 Water Tender, a brand new piece of equipment to enhance firefighting capabilities in the area. The new water tender was driven over 1,900 miles from Texas and arrived just in time to assist in a vegetation fire off of Welch Lane in Ione that was quickly extinguished. The water tender then was brought to the City of Ione Fire Station No. 2,600 Preston Avenue, for an unofficial but very important ceremony.

Check out this video of City of Ione Fire Chief Ken Mackey discussing the department's new water tender:

“It’s a tradition in the fire service, dating all the way back to the horse drawn wagon era, steam engine, then gasoline and diesel,” said Chief Mackey. “When new equipment arrives, traditionally the firefighters push the equipment back into the fire station across the threshold. In the old days, they couldn’t back in the wagon or steamer, so that’s where the tradition started, but it’s the way we welcome the apparatus to our city.”

With many thanks to the Ione City Council, the City of Ione and all the people of Ione for making the water tender possible, Chief Mackey joined the City of Ione Firefighters and pushed the new water tender into its new home, City of Ione Fire Station No. 2. The new water tender will be in service up to 25 or 30 years, perhaps even longer, and is the first brand new piece of equipment for the City of Ione Fire Department.

“It will enhance our capabilities and is a welcome new member to the city,” said Chief Mackey.