Common Ground

Larry White (center), the Jackson Rancheria Tribe of Miwuk Indians’ Director of Community Development, spearheaded the renovation project of Suite A for Common Ground Senior Services. He is pictured with Crystal Jack (left) of the Jackson Rancheria Tribe of Miwuk Indians and Common Ground Senior Services Executive Director Elizabeth Thompson.

Jackson Rancheria Band of Miwuk Indians found some common ground with an important and local nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide responsive, supportive, accommodating and friendly environment for older adults in our local communities. 

Common Ground Senior Services Inc., serving Amador and Calaveras counties, provides a number of services to seniors, including, but not limited to, nutritional needs, transportation, information and assistance. Common Ground works in collaboration with other similarly interested groups who are engaged in complimentary activities in an ultimate goal to enhance the lives of people in their later years by filling in the gaps not already fulfilled by family and friends.

According to Common Ground Senior Services’ Facebook, “The agency provides opportunities for individuals to receive services and participate in activities that will enhance their dignity, and encourage their continued involvement in the community.” One of the ways they do this is through their Meals-On-Wheels program, which “provides home bound older adults with a means of human contact on a daily/weekly basis with our friendly, courteous delivery staff. This gives our clients a sense of security, knowing that someone who cares will check on them.

The program also connects and links individuals to community resources. Each home-delivered meal comes with an entree, milk, and dessert.”

Back in July of 2018, Common Ground Senior Services lost their home at the Amador Senior Center when their lease was not renewed by the Amador County Senior Citizens’ Board of Directors. The nonprofit organization was urgently trying to find a new home for its operations and turned to the Jackson Rancheria Tribe of Miwuk Indians for support. In a matter of days, the Tribe offered their facility at 80 Ridge Road, in Sutter Creek, as a temporary setting for their undertakings, as well as purchased equipment such as freezers, refrigerators and office equipment needed to continue the Meals-On-Wheels program so that they could continue to serve 240 older adults with home delivered meals.

One year later, in July of 2019, the Tribe graciously renovated Suite A at 80 Ridge Road, Sutter Creek, as a permanent home for Common Ground Senior Services, spearheaded by Larry White, the Jackson Rancheria Tribe of Miwuk Indians’ Director of Community Development. The renovation included new kitchen equipment, with room for expansion.

“Meals-On-Wheels serving Amador and Calaveras Counties is forever grateful to Jackson Rancheria for their services and dedication to the community,” Executive Director of Common Ground Senior Services, Elizabeth Thompson said. “The completion of our beautiful facility could not have been possible without their contributions and support. Common Ground would like to offer a special thank you to Adam Dalton, Tribal Chairman and acknowledge the work of Larry White.”

On December 20, 2019, Common Ground Senior Services held a holiday open house at their new facility to give a special thanks to Jackson Rancheria Tribe of Miwuk Indians for all of their support and contributions. Crystal Jack, CEO of Jackson Rancheria Casino Resort, made an appearance, along with Larry White, to also gift Common Ground with a $25,000 donation.

“The Tribe recognized the need that you guys had with moving from the senior center and really trying to come up with sustainable funding, so the tribe today wanted to provide this check to you for $25,000, and thank you again from the tribal council for your presentation and coming to meet with them and sharing with them what you are doing,” Jack said. “They are very happy to be able to do this for the community.”

Stop by 80 Ridge Road, Suite A, in Sutter Creek to see what’s new with Common Ground Senior Services. The agency staff actively participates in several community advocacy projects in both Amador and Calaveras Counties, including Commissions on Aging, Social Service Transportation Advisory Councils, and Senior Provider Networks.

Common Ground Senior Services, Inc. also provides transportation for seniors to medical appointments, the grocery store, post office, or similar destinations. They also provide Chore & Home Programs, providing a safety-net for frail older adults who would not be able to safely maintain their living environment. Find a complete list of programs on their website at