Catalytic Converter

Photo of the vehicle sought in association with local catalytic converter thefts.

Three more reports of catalytic converters being stolen from Toyota Prius vehicles were made in the past four days to the Jackson Police Department. They occurred at Jackson Meadow Apartments, on New York Ranch Road, Buena Vista Drive and Endicott Avenue, on Peak Hill.

Cameras at Jackson Meadow Apartments captured footage of an SUV that contained three or four suspects at Jackson Meadow Apartments. A photograph of their vehicle is attached as well as a short video.

The suspects were unidentifiable. All of the thefts are believed to have occurred in the early morning hours. If you are a Prius owner, you might give thought to an alarm system. In the past couple of months at least seven Prius vehicles have been vandalized. The cost of replacing a Prius catalytic converter is approximately $2,500.

If you have any information pertaining to these thefts please contact Investigator Doug Grey at JPD (209) 223-1771.