My message is not intended to alienate readers but to voice an opinion of one American concerning death or injury by firearms. So many atrocities are committed using inanimate objects. You name it and someone has used it to injure or take another’s life. There is no need to itemize, but the most looked at item is the firearm - one because the cowards can be distanced from their target(s) or in an area where there is less chance of being challenged. Any firearm of your choice can lay on a surface for eternity and never accost anyone - but once in the hands of a deranged person, it can and does commit violence. So, let’s not place unwarranted blame on institutions such as US Congress, our federal protectors, law enforcement, teachers - yes, even the NRA - they work very hard to save our US Constitution - ALL OF IT. FYI, there are more than 200,000 gun laws across our nation. The criminal element obeys none of them - only we law abiding gun owners of which there are nearly 1.6 million. Nearly all perpetrators come from a community. Let’s look at the communities, neighborhoods, families and friends for some of the answers by getting involved, know and respect those of your community who can be a sounding board for information. I suggest that is where the ultimate knowledge lies. Law enforcement, as responsive as they are, can seldom be upon a serious situation instantly, nor anticipate where they might be needed. So, I suggest that - by all means, “See something, say something,” but, “... if you suspect or know something,” pass it on to someone who might care.