I have often told friends and family that the Amador County Fair was one of the best things about this county. However, this year something was clearly amiss. Do you think next year, that someone (like maybe even a Fair Board Member or whoever) could find, display, highlight and cheer for a real American flag on the derby car? The flags that were flown and cheered for in the arena, on multiple nights, stunned and saddened me. They made me feel ashamed that I was one of the volunteers that helped support the Fair. Instead of an American flag, some decision-maker thought it would be better to honor a Jefferson flag and a 3 Percenter Colonial Unamerican flag. The Jefferson flag represents an imaginary state conjured up by a bunch of disgruntled white guys. I thought our county & county fair were in the state of California. Where was that flag? The other flag is the symbol of a group of wannabe soldiers who hate black people (otherwise known as white supremacists). What’s up with that? Do Amador residents now cheer for symbols of hatred and bigotry? Count me out! In the past, the Fair has been a positive, unifying event bringing together various local groups to celebrate the many great things about our home. I don’t want to see that change. A friend assured me that there were “good people” in Amador. I know that’s true. But good people, your silence on this is deafening.