Global Warming is a Hoax? 

In reference to Tom McClintock’s remarks at the Heartland Institute’s 13th International Conference on Climate Change on July 25 at Washington’s Trump International Hotel.

“McClintock exhorted attendees to keep fighting for the truth.”

“The left loves to call us climate change deniers,” McClintock said.

In reality, McClintock is fighting for the lie the Fossil Fuel Industry has been propagating at least since the 1970s (Exxon Study, Google it!). 

Global Warming is real and created by humans through the burning of fossil fuels; and brought on in decades, not millennia. That fact is no longer debated. People like McClintock, who actively try to sow doubt and denial about that, are actually actively helping to kill people right now. The increased severity of wild fires, the bigger floods, stronger hurricanes and more intense heat waves are all because of that burning of fossil fuels. Tom McClintock knows this, so do all of his Republican colleges, so does Donald Trump. But they seem to prefer the perks they get from the fossil fuel industry over the fact that they are aiding in the killing of thousands of innocent people.

Urs Schuler


Thank You Caitlyn Schaap!

Working with Caitlyn Schaap as the Editor of the Ledger Dispatch since it first opened its (once again, as newspapers do over the years) pages, newly, under ownership of the Jackson Rancheria, to the Mother Lode, in October of 2018: I have genuine thank yous to express.

I would have, for one, never had my poetry published for so many to read, if the Ledger Dispatch had not responded so positively to my poems right from the start and given me my/our award-winning column on the first page of each edition’s Roots section of the paper. That I’ve been free to include the photographs of our county’s photographers of my choice, has been an added plus in the collaborative goals of my column, “Rivers and Rhymes.”

I would have not come to the attention of the Amador Arts Council, as a worthy candidate to become the First Poet Laureate of Amador County, in fall of 2018, as I did, in fact, and happily and gratefully so! Because of the support of the Ledger Dispatch, I am more capable of achieving goals I have, in my Amador Arts Poet Laureate Program, towards collaboration, inclusion and community, through poetry arts. I’m thankful for that, as I enter my second year as Laureate, this fall.

I would not have seen the publication of the 2019 Songbook of Amador and Calaveras Counties, my beloved “brain child” of 28 songwriters lyrics and performances published, without the full dedication of the Ledger staff under Jack Mitchel and Caitlyn Schaap, as a gift to the community from us all – a gift that is still being appreciated by literally a couple of thousand people, if not more. 

I would not have the cooperation in going ahead with its probable sequel, the 2019 Bandsbook of Amador and Calaveras Counties; and, with the development of the 2020 Poets and Photographers in Collaboration “book” project for Amador and Calaveras counties, in its planning stages at present. 

I would have never seen my consistent “suggestions” that upcountry businesses be interviewed more thoroughly for the paper, as such a vital and integral aspect of community, in Amador County, in our newspaper – and this was accomplished regularly and thoroughly, and that has been satisfying for upcountry residents, such as myself, who love our “elevations” in this county. 

I’ve totally enjoyed the continual creativity and upgrading of style, content, and generous coverage of every aspect of community possible here in Amador, especially! The continued inclusion expansion for us all, of all ages, cultures, genres of interests, “sports”/active lifestyles: it’s all been good. I even appreciate that all aspects of the political spectrums of our diverse county in political discourse, are published reasonably “equally,” without apology or editorial comment: We, fairly and without much fuss, “get our say.”

And, so, I want to thank you, Caitlyn Schaap, for being a young person, first, because you had the courage to take on a large body of work, and you did this very, very well, and with a work ethic and creativity and persistence, that are all admirable character traits you have naturally as a person, and have developed. Your “new work” will be receiving a seasoned and credible and intelligent and capable and, best yet, community-minded addition to their teams. They are fortunate. We are fortunate, that you have been our Editor for these very busy and full and fulfilling years as our Editor! 

You will be missed by all who worked with and for you, including your Poet.

Kat Everitt

Watch Out for Gift Card Scam

Being a senior citizen, I received the AARP magazine recently and they published an article concerning the latest scam that was going around the country … people being conned into buying gift cards.

Today, I do think I was on the receiving end of one of these scams by someone posing as a dear friend and it started out by asking me for a favor. When I replied, the next email asked me to help this person buy an Amazon card for someone in the hospital as they were traveling and could not buy the card. Soon after, another email contained the specific instructions about how many cards she wanted (three $100 cards) and how to go about scratching off the pin and taking a picture of it and send it to her.

I, at first, tried to help her, but then I remembered the article in AARP magazine and replied that I could not make a purchase for her and after the last email there were no more messages throughout the day. When I checked the email address of the sender, it had started out from my friend’s email, but the successive messages had been coming from and going to another similar address with the last half changed.

I will report this to the local police department, but I want others to be aware that this scam is here in Amador County.


Sutter Creek