Impeachment proceedings

Suspicion that is subjectively arbitrary, nebulous, conceptual, capricious and abstract does not rise to the level of probable cause. It certainly does not constitute an impeachable offense. Until and unless conviction results, it may behoove America to seriously consider “prevailing party” remuneration by and from those implementing and perpetuating malicious and frivolous allegations and subsequent costly protracted investigations.

This shall be inclusive of all fees incurred by affected defendants … cost and fees attributable to the abnormality, absurdity and atrocity that translates to a dereliction of duty, obligation, responsibility and service according to oath … righteously expected, deserved and mandated by their individual and collective constituency.

Reimbursement to be by ways and means of regular salary deductions of all whom have aided and abetted in the foible, folly and fallaciousness.

However, such a proposal would require another bloated bureaucracy – sad to say!

Dennis Day

Pine Grove

Hard to see past our own biases

Well, the House impeachment hearings are over for now. What did, or will, the hearings do to resolve the mess. My prediction: Nothing! In fact, with the existing climate in American, the chances of resolving any conflict, political, cultural, religious, or personal, great or small are almost zero. That’s unfortunate because it is tearing us apart at every level.

What causes this and why the dark prediction?

From the Bible: In order to pass judgement and correctly render a solution, we must “first pull the beam (4x4) out of our own eyes so we can see to remove the splinter from the eye of another.” That honest effort to be truthful and unbiased is so hard and painful that the chance of it happening is zero.

Also from the Bible: All of us are so limited and biased in our knowledge that an honest compromise becomes near impossible. “The nose is for smelling, the eyes for seeing, the ears for hearing,” etc. “Each organ has its own sole function. The nose cannot see or hear, the eyes cannot smell or hear, the ears cannot smell or see.” This could easily be changed to represent our particular political group, religious slant, or personal leaning. To reach a solution we must get out of our echo chambers and give adequate or equal credence to all points of view. That ain’t going to happen! Why?

It is best stated in the book “Brain Briefs:”

“When someone is a member of your ingroup, you tend to focus on their finer qualities and assume that those qualities are a result of membership in the group. For example, a generous act by an ingroup member is evidence that your ingroup is a generous bunch. Negative actions by ingroup members, though, are minimized in some way. One reaction is to justify the action based on the circumstances. A second reaction is to state that there is some quality of the individual committing the infraction that is not representative of the ingroup. A third reaction is to explain why the action is not as bad as it seems.

“When someone is an outgroup member, though, this tendency reverses. When an outgroup member does something good, he is considered unusual – his actions do not reflect positively on the entire outgroup. But when he does something negative, it confirms that the outgroup really is as awful as you suspected.”

Until we can begin listening to each other, admitting to our own sins, our limited knowledge, our biases, and seeing the good in all, there is little hope of peace and harmony on the national scene or at our dinner tables.

Carl Lathrum


Thank you Kelly Moore Paints

In my letter to the Ledger Dispatch (December 6, 2019), I unfortunately forgot to thank Kelly Moore Paints of Jackson as one of those who contributed painting supplies to the Jackson Mural Project at the Kwik Serve Station in Jackson. Their support, along all the others, was greatly appreciated.

Rand Huggett

Sutter Creek

Thank you Cal Fire Pine Grove CYA staff

We would like to sincerely thank the Cal Fire Pine Grove California Youth Authority staff, which includes Chief Withrow, Captain Howard Drummond, Superintendent Jim Liptrap and Office Tech Megan Watts, and of course their crew, for their amazing job in our neighborhood on Gold Strike Court and Bryson Drive in Sutter Creek. We have struggled for years to maintain the easement on our properties, but this year we received an amazing gift just in time for Christmas.

We woke to the sound of the crew working to clear the really large easement filled with blackberry bushes that were completely overgrown and impossible for most of us to clear ourselves. We can’t even begin to thank everyone enough for all of their help and support.

Thank you, Cal Fire and the Pine Grove Camp for what you’ve done for us and for all you do around the community. We see you and we thank you for your service.

Mike and Julie Watson

Jeff and Laurie Lindsay

Sutter Creek