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Saving billions, losing trillions

President Trump’s tariffs might be saving the United States billions of dollars from leveling unbalanced trade practices now, but will cost America and global markets trillions in future trade.

As a result of World War II, a great majority of the world lay in ruin. America was the only superpower left without major damage and strong enough to rebuild the rest of the world incorporating marshal law and the promise of free enterprise and trade.

Over the past 70 years America has successfully rebuilt and persuaded most of the world that free enterprise and trade are the paths to prosperity.

Now President Trump is going to use tariffs and sanctions to threaten worldwide trade and free enterprise.

President Trump is jeopardizing countless trillions in worldwide trade so he can save a few billion dollars leveling trade deals with decades long trading partners and allies.

United the world prospers. Divided the world fractures into economic isolation, depression, nationalism and possible conflict.

Randy Wiebold


Old Corner Saloon Charity Shootout aids local Veterans

We are grateful for Old Corner Saloon Charity, Valley Men’s Club and Camanche Hills Wildlife Preserve for their dedication to helping our local veteran’s in support of Victory Village’s Mission to assist veterans and family members.

Whether it’s housing, employment, peer support, or navigating the VA system, we are here to help veterans and family members when they need it. The donation from 2019’s Charity Shootout was $13,000 and will be utilized for two bathroom remodels; completion of the group room and front façade, including a planter box to mitigate flooding; and complete preparation for the Eagle Scout Project for the flagpole and commemorative bricks.

We will also implement power outage mitigation equipment and continue to update security measures.

Nichole Mulford

Executive Director

Victory Village, Inc.