The 2017 crop report has been released by the Amador County Department of Agriculture, giving insight into one of the county’s leading industries.

The news is good for Amador’s number one crop, wine grapes. The fruit has seen increases in acres harvested, production per acre and price per unit. Total value was up 27 percent over 2016, to a total of $22,982,700. Walnuts saw an increase in total production despite a decrease in acres planted and increase to $442,680 in total value, up from $194,340. Olive oil, apples, kiwis and pomegranates combined for $1,576,984 in value, triple their value in 2016.

Field crop production value was down to $5,690,929 or about 11 percent from the year before, as there were decreases in alfalfa and grain hay, as well as pasture range. Both cattle prices and number of heads were up in 2017 and total value increased almost a million dollars to $11,554,200. Price and production of sheep held steady with a total value of $480,000. A jump in price per head for goat increased their production value to $315,000.

Fresh vegetable production from farmers market and pumpkins increased from $36,775 in 2016 to $90,579 in 2017. Timber production was also up, with five times more board feet harvested, and to value up over 250 percent to $1,453,515.

All told, agriculture added $45,238,622 to the economy in 2017, an increase of $7.7 million over last year, and the highest production total in the last ten years.