superior court

Eric Hernandez of Jackson was sentenced in Amador Superior Court last week to 25 years to life in State Prison following his jury conviction last month on various charges, including criminal threats and injuring a cohabitant.

In a trial that ran from April 23 to the 29, Hernandez was convicted on five counts by a jury, including three felonies — criminal threats, injuring a cohabitant, and taking a car without consent, as well as two counts of misdemeanor vandalism. He appeared before Judge J.S. Hermanson last Tuesday, May 28, to receive his sentence. Hernandez had two prior felony convictions for armed robbery, which count as strikes under California’s “Three Strikes Law,” which together with the third strike of the criminal threats conviction, resulted in the 25 years to life sentence, plus one additional year for having prior felony convictions. The four other convictions did not add to his sentence, with an eight-year prison sentence for injuring a cohabitant stayed, and the three other charges resulting in six months in jail each, to be served concurrently with his State Prison sentence. The 44-year-old Hernandez has a lengthy criminal history going back to 1993, including convictions for possession of a controlled substance, receiving stolen property, vandalism and unlawful sex with a minor.

Most of the recent convictions stem from an incident on September 12 of last year, in which Hernandez attacked his girlfriend, identified only by her initials in court proceedings, smashing up several items in her home, dragged her by her hair, choked her, burned her arm with a lighter and threatened to kill her. Several weeks later, he took her car without permission.

The victim in the case wrote a victim impact statement that was read to the court prior to the sentencing. In it she described her efforts to move on from the crime and did not detail the events or her reaction to them.