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Apparently, some actually believe the story Kandi Thompson told in her letter to the editor. The following comments are based on my comments made during public comments at the May 22, 2019, board meeting.

To: Peter Maurer (Calaveras County Planning Director), Megan Stedtfeld (Calaveras County Counsel) and Albert Alt (Calaveras County Chief Administrative Officer):

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“Just because I don’t agree with someone on everything doesn’t mean that I’m not going to be friends with them.”  

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As a newcomer to Jackson, “Vestiges of Amador” by Deborah Cook held my interest in the magnificent City of Jackson and its people. Numerous telephone calls did not antagonize the dedicated staff. Always cheerful, friendly, happy to help above and beyond.

Homelessness is an issue throughout California and the rural parts of the state, like Amador County, are not immune from its ever-increasing numbers and impacts. All over California homelessness has ballooned over the past decade and has begun to expand into the rural counties of the state. …

There have been some questions and comments in the community and on social media about sexual health education in our schools and classrooms. In our continued effort to share accurate information and address concerns, the following information is provided. For more information, you may go to…

Here we are, well into another fire season in the foothills and, while we here in Amador and Calaveras counties have been fortunate so far this year, we have a long and generally the most dangerous part of the season ahead of us.

The California Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (“FAIR”) Plan was created in July 1968 following the 1960s brush fires and riots. It is an insurance pool established to assure the availability of basic property insurance to people who, due to reasons beyond their control, have been unab…