I quote the headlines of a Letter to the Editor of January 29, 2021, “Political ‘propaganda’ is an outrage to Amador citizens,” by Rachel M. Aguilera … hats off to you Rachel. I could not have said it any better. Your words are my words also and I can imagine many honorable citizens of this county felt the same way.

I was also outraged, thinking of the writer of this full-page advertisement asking our elected officials to submit their demands or to leave office. Can you imagine what our wonderful Sheriff, local police and Supervisors of our county thought about this demand? This is America, not a socialist/communist country Mr. Chris Floyd. I did some research and I know where you are coming from and the backers you used to front money to belittle and insinuate your political beliefs on our Amador County of the United States of America.

We, as our honorable citizens, do not appreciate your boldness to place an advertisement such as you did on January 15, 2021, to antagonize our historical little Gold Rush community.

Yes, we all felt very sad about the bloodshed and destruction that took place. However, there were two organizations that have been responsible in the past for burning buildings, smashing windows, all over the USA. So much of the destruction at the Capitol was a result and allegiance to their money backers.

The truth will prevail. God bless the families that were injured, no matter who they are. God bless America.

Georgia Fox

Sutter Creek