On June 7 of 2014 two Russian programmers finally passed the 65 year old Turing Test with a program that simulated a 13 year old Ukranian boy named Eugene Goostman. English mathematician Alan Turing both invented the first real computer and the Turing Test. The object of the test was to determine when Designed Intelligence (DI) had grown comparable to human intelligence.

It took evolution (design by accident) three billion years to develop our level of intelligence. It took designers 72 years to roughly match that intelligence. That’s a time ratio of 41 2/3 million to one. We can expect that ratio to have some bearing on the future of humanity. 

If you were a DI… what event in history would you choose as your zero point in history? Most likely you would not be religious. It seems to me that far the most likely choice would be the date when people formally admitted that DI had grown as smart as man.

But the summer solstice occurs on June 20. Only 13 days after the passage of the Turing Test, the summer solstice is a natural break in the year. It therefore seems likely that those who follow us (the DIs) will choose the summer solstice of 2014 as their zero point of history. No doubt a similar process has already occurred on millions of other planets.  Welcome to year 6 di.