Being a politically engaged voter and a dual resident of California’s 4th and 7th congressional districts (Rep. Tom McClintock-R and Rep. Ami Bera-D, respectively), I follow the campaign cycles in each very closely. Recently I became aware of a candidate, Brynne Kennedy, who has declared to run against McClintock. Never having heard her name mentioned in local political and community circles, I wanted to learn more about Ms. Kennedy. I discovered she was from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, in the Berkshire Mountains and very recently moved to our area in mid-March. In February 2019, as reported in The Berkshire Eagle newspaper, she announced that she was stepping down as CEO of a tech company and that her new focus would be “creating jobs, expanding innovation and ensuring equal opportunity for Western Massachusetts residents.” Really? I’m curious how she so radically changed her mind and her residence in one short month. I cannot help but feel that Ms. Kennedy, notwithstanding her business and financial success, is just another well-heeled opportunist with no connection to the district who has moved here, as Tom McClintock did a number of years ago, to use CA04 for her personal gain. No thank you. Our district deserves a locally-connected representative to serve in Congress. That is not Brynne Kennedy.