Pacific Gas and Electric held another press conference Wednesday, October 23, announcing it had began shutting off power and providing the current outlook. The utility stated they would continue to monitor the current wind event, but anticipate starting power restoration early Thursday afternoon.

PG&E also touched on the possible second wind event moving in Saturday. PG&E CEO and President Bill Johnson stated it was too early to make predictions on what areas would specifically be affected, but there could be overlap between the current PSPS and one brought on by the second event. 

Officials elaborated that the next event could be the largest event of the season and may be stronger than the first PSPS that began October 9. Johnson said PG&E would restore power between events and would not leave the power off through both weather events. 

Officials also stressed that some areas may not see any winds, but are affected by the shutoff because of their connection to the grid areas that are affected by high winds. They went on to state they have staged 42 helicopters and the fixed-wing aircraft tested Tuesday, October 22 would be deployed to monitor the transmission line.

The utility took heat yet again over customers receiving shutoff times and then being shutdown early. Additionally, website issues were touched upon and the company continued to stress the shutoffs were safety and nothing else.

Johnson urged the public to remain patient and stated there was no reason for violence, referring to an incident that occurred earlier in the day in Glen County. He stated a PG&E worker was driving when a “projectile hit the windshield.” The projectile was determined to be a pellet from a pellet gun. No injuries were reported.