I don’t know how many of you were affected by the “update” done by Volcano Communications recently, but oh boy, what a mess!

I am hugely upset with them. Matter of fact, I’m pretty sure a lot of people have been calling them to complain, because you can hardly get anyone on the phone. The nice ladies in the office that answer the telephones won’t answer “technical” questions and they always transfer you to another department.

So, you sit there listening to the same spiel over and over again; they want you to stay on the line, everyone is busy and we appreciate your call, blah blah blah.

I admit I don’t take change very well, but this change is way too much! They completely changed the interface of the program, taking away all of the icons that you could click on, and I was left with absolutely no clue how to even write an email, much less send it!

I know that sounds like I’m technically incompetent, but I am a lot more savvy than most folks my age due to the fact that I “grew up” with computers. We had the first home computer in Cupertino and that’s saying a lot.

The program is S-L-O-W! I mean, literally slower than molasses in January. I now go into my word processing program, write what I want to say, and copy and paste it into the email.

My main gripe though, despite the fact that typing an email is a nightmare, is the fact that they “lost” my contacts list on both of my email addresses, my personal one and the one I publish in the paper. They have subsequently restored “most” of my data, but why did it disappear in the first place? And why they would go into my folders and delete them is beyond me.

Like I said, I don’t like change, but this is beyond change. This is, in my opinion, several steps backwards. The program is no longer “easy” to use. I’ve literally spent a lot of time on the phone with various tekkies and they keep saying it’s my computer’s fault. I don’t buy that and neither does my son David!

If you’re a regular reader of my columns, you are aware that David knows just about everything about computers and he assures me that the problems are not mine, it’s just a pretty crappy program. Sorry Volcano, but you messed this one up!

If you have had similar problems, drop me a line. I love to hear from you at: emmad@volcano.net.