Amador COVID-19 Cases — August 4, 2020

Two Additional COVID-19 Cases in Amador: 137 Total Cases, 45 Active Cases, 9 Hospitalized, 0 Deaths — MCSP Cases Continue to Increase: 22 Active Inmates, 5 Active Employees

As of today, Tuesday, August 4, 2020, Amador County Public Health (ACPH) confirms 2 additional COVID-19 cases in Amador County since yesterday.

Today's additional cases are listed as:

• 0 males / 2 females

• Location of additional cases: Jackson: 0 / Ione: 0 / Pine Grove: 0 / Pioneer: 0 / Plymouth: 1 / Sutter Creek or Amador City: 1 / Volcano: 0 

• Age of additional cases: 0-17: 0 / 18-49: 0 / 50-64: 0 / 65+: 2 

• Current hospitalized cases have decreased by 2 (since yesterday)

• Total hospitalized: 9 (8 in county / 1 out-of-county)

• Current active cases have decreased by 6 (since yesterday) 

• Current active cases: 45 (51 yesterday)

• Recovered cases or released from isolation have increased by 8 (since yesterday)

• Total cases recovered or released from isolation to date: 92 (84 yesterday) 

• Total test results received in the last 14 days (July 22 - August 4): 1,108 

A press release issued today by ACPH states: COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Amador County. Public Health confirms sixteen additional cases in Amador County since last Friday’s (7/31/2020) COVID-19 update. The cases include an outbreak within a skilled nursing facility. The new cases continue to demonstrate 3 main exposure avenues in Amador: (1) Family or co-worker transmission, (2) Congregate living transmission, and (3) Community transmission. Although Amador County is not yet on the State County Monitoring Watch List, Public Health continues to monitor the increasing case numbers. Cases within State prison inmates continue to increase but are not included in the Amador case count as inmate cases are not included in the county data that would move Amador to the State County Monitoring Watch List. The “Active” case tally on the Amador County COVID-19 webpage is the closest real-time tracking of Amador’s 14-day case rate. To view today’s press in release in full, visit:

As of this report, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) statistics chart lists one new COVID-19 case for Mule Creek State Prison (MCSP) employees. Total employee cases are at 9 with 4 recovered and returned to work. Since yesterday, total inmate cases have increased by 13 with 22 confirmed and 22 active. There have been 857 inmates tested in the last 14 days which is 22% of the inmate population. 

Statewide, CDCR reports 8,385 total confirmed inmate cases of which 6,799 have recovered. There are 1,246 current active inmate cases of which 1,069 are new cases confirmed within the last fourteen days. There have been 50 inmate deaths. Of the total cases, 290 inmates have been released from custody while active with COVID-19. 

As of August 4, 2020, statewide reports by CDCR list 1,892 cumulative staff/employee COVID-19 cases of which 1010 are active cases with 882 employees recovered and returned to work. CDCR lists a total of 8 COVID-19 related deaths of employees by facility and date. 

For MCSP and statewide facility data, visit the CDCR COVID-19 dashboard at:

As of this evening Kit Carson Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center’s website is down. The last update on their website was Friday, July 31, 2020, and was reported as follows:


• Current in-house positives: 18

• Hospitalized positives: 3 (1 additional since the 7/29/2020 report)

Staff Members:

• Currently out-of-work positives: 12 (3 additional since the 7/29/2020 report)

• Recovered/returned to work: 9 (6 additional since the 7/29/2020 report)

The Ledger Dispatch will continue to provide updates as new case counts are added and updated on the ACPH statistic chart. There are no other details available for today’s additional cases. For additional Amador County COVID-19 information and data, please visit:

Community members interested in testing for COVID-19 in Jackson or Kirkwood may book an online appointment at: For questions, contact The Amador County Public Health Testing Helpline at (209) 223-6676.