Since beginning the program to remove dead trees that pose hazards to County roads and the traveling public, Calaveras County has successfully eliminated nearly 7000 trees. The entire County has been treated and the second round of projects has begun in the Blue Lake Springs-Arnold area. Another project will be awarded soon and it will include remaining County roads in the Highway 4 corridor south of Arnold to Avery and Murphys. The second round of projects is needed because of new tree mortality that has occurred in the past year. There are a number of private properties that did not return right of entry forms for the first round of projects included in this project. The County hopes that those non-returnees will see the merit of returning the forms and allowing the County to mitigate the hazards. The County’s program is absolutely free to property owners and it does not require County funds. The program activities are funded by grants from the State Office of Emergency Services and California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. 

The County is aware of issues related to defensible space and cancelation of insurance policies. It appears that the State of California is attempting to address the cancelation of fire insurance. The Fair Plan program can provide an alternative means of acquiring fire insurance for people who cannot otherwise find a company to insure them. Take a look at to see if the program can help you. You should also be aware that the Calaveras County Fire Safe Council has programs that provide chippers and assistance to seniors with defensible space. The programs are described on their website at

If you have questions about the County’s tree mortality program please take a look at our website at or call Richard Harris at  707 685 5508.