On August 31, 2019, Bill Phillips passed away. True to form, he surprised everyone with his fierce tenacity until he passed peacefully. He knew we loved him, and we knew he loved us.

He was many things: many of you know him as the 'tree guy'. Almost until the very end, he worked the trees. He was a true horseman, a rare breed of human that could feel the heart of a horse. He was my coach, my fan, my supporter, my friend, and my father. With no hesitation I can tell you that I am proud that I am his son. His was a life well-lived. I knew he loved me, my sister, my mother, and his grandchildren with no limitations, and he knew we loved him.

He lived a life worth celebrating, and that is what we plan to do - celebrate that we had the opportunity to know this man as a father and friend. What a joy to have had a man like that as a father. So, thank you, Dad. I hope the pastures are green, the mountain air is pure, and the horses true.