Sharon Kay Stirnaman

Sharon Kay Stirnaman, 64, of Jackson, CA, passed away on Thursday, June 11, 2020. When she closed her eyes for the last time she was at peace, knowing her beloved family was at her side. Family was the most important aspect of her life. The needs of her family were always placed before her own. I hope she knows that because of her we are better people. She may be gone but the lessons she taught us live on, forever instilled in our heart and soul.

She was born in Modesto, CA on January 24, 1956, to the late Haver Jetton and Patricia Steele. Soon after her birth Patricia placed little Sharon into the arms of Everette Chandler, who took her as his own and became the only father she would know. Jackson, CA would become her lifelong home. It was while attending school at Jackson High that she met her soul mate, Robert Stirnaman. The two quickly fell in love, got married and had two children. All taking place before her 18th birthday. Most people didn't give it a chance to succeed but the two would go on to celebrate 50 years of marriage. I always had faith in them! Congratulations Mom and Dad.

Besides being a wife and mother to her two boys Sharon loved the outdoors. She caught endless trout in the streams, rivers and lakes that make up Amador County. She also loved digging for old bottles and hunting for crystals, or any rock that caught her eye that she could carry home. She loved camping, preferring a tent and sleeping bag over an RV any day. It seemed as long as she was outdoors getting dirty she was happy. Boy was she happy. Keep on digging Mom.

Sharon is survived by her husband, Robert Stirnaman; sons, Robert Stirnaman and David Stirnaman; sister, Donna Brovero; two brothers, Mark Chandler and Roger Chandler; and grandchildren, Siena Stirnaman, and Robert Stirnaman III.

A celebration of life will be held at 365 S Avenue in Jackson on Saturday, June 27, 2020. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting and signing the guest book.