Bianca Burton, owner of Amador Yoga, 218 Water Street in Jackson, is a teacher at the studio herself.

Amador Yoga was first opened in 2016, and has always been a place to find a community, personal improvement, and inner vitality. 

Bianca Burton, owner of Amador Yoga, is a teacher at the studio herself. Her commitment and contributions to the Amador Yoga community is shown in the success of the business, beauty of the studio, and love and wellness shared amongst all those who step into the studio. 

Bianca was asked to share a bit about her own personal connection to yoga:

“I began practicing to improve my physical health but it has now become a practice to maintain my mental health as well. I love learning about the effects of yoga on the body and brain. My favorite thing about yoga is that it is a mindfulness practice. I use mindfulness and meditation to help reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, neuroplasticity, and all around quality of life.”


From beginning to advanced yoga , Bianca Burton has classes for everyone at Amador Yoga.

Amador Yoga holds a number of different class types to encompass a wide range of abilities and interests. The Slow Flow class is a slower paced Vinyasa flow and is great for students who want to spend more time in their postures, enjoy learning alignments, and invite slow, deep breathing into their practice. Bianca teaches Slow Flow classes throughout the week, and she was asked to share a bit about what her Slow Flow class is like:

“The Slow Vinyasa class I lead is a movement based practice that connects a series of yoga postures with movement and breath work. I love focusing on verbal alignment cues to help guide practitioners deeper into their physical practice while offering many different options in class to allow for room to play and explore one’s unique body and shape. It is so important to me that everyone feels welcome in practice no matter body, age, background, or beliefs. Expect to have some fun and grow in connection to yourself and the community around you!”

Amador Yoga is located at 218 Water Street in Jackson. For class schedules, events, teacher and contact information visit