book sale

A few FACL volunteers and youth from the Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp after unloading boxes of books the Thursday before the weekend Friends book sale. 


This October’s semi-annual Friends of the Amador County Library (FACL) book sale was a huge success bringing over $4,500.00, a new sale high. It will provide more subscriptions to computer programs, public programs, children’s time, books, etc., than is currently in the Friends budget. Thank you for all who bought books.

But the sale would not be able to so successful if not for all the 100s of FACL volunteers’ hours and the help of the youth from the Pine Grove Youth Conservation Camp. 

Before the sale, the youth come on the prior Thursday to pick up boxes of books from the FACL collection building in Jackson which is offered for the Friends use by Stanley Lukowicz. 

They unload the boxes of books at the American Legion Hall; reversing the task the following Monday to pick up unsold books deemed with value for next book sale, returning them to the collection building. 

They are given a chance to look though the books to take with them and on Monday they are treated to a pizza party at a local pizza restaurant.

In some years the youth have not been available to help due to their firefighting responsibilities. This year the men went off to fire in the Bay Area soon after the sale. Their fire team photo appeared on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle.

We are fortunate the camp’s support for these past years. 

Watch for the dates of the next book collection in March 2020 and the next book sale in April 2020.