In March of last year I decided to heed the warnings, especially for seniors, and stay in place. As much as I loved my gym that meant trying to find activities at home that would keep me a safe distance from others. The idea came to me that I could walk every day and take advantage of our local hills for an additional challenge. However, one of the things I would miss from the gym was the interaction with others. The thought came to me that perhaps a friend of mine in Half Moon Bay might also be interested in joining me on the phone while we both walked in our respective neighborhoods. So began our journey through the year of the pandemic.

Betty and I have known each other for over 30 years. We used to work together and have a history of sharing activities like walking during our lunch hour, hiking in the bay area, biking on the coastal path, and country line dancing. But since I moved and retired in Sutter Creek we haven’t had much opportunity to get together. Therefore, she was the first one I thought of when faced with the question of how I would get my exercise. 


Initially we agreed to schedule our walk and talk in the mornings, three to four days a week, with our walks lasting about an hour. The one thing we noticed was how quickly the time would go by. We would discuss the latest in the news, or a great recipe we had tried, or the emotions we were going through due to the isolation. We were both travelers and were missing it and also missing the physical presence of friends and family. But overall we were feeling blessed to have this time together and the fact that we were remaining healthy. Of course there was always the random picture we would share with each other from our walks in our own neighborhoods. Like the heron Betty spotted recently on her coastal walk or the daffodils now in bloom on Sutter Creek Main Street.