Everyone is welcome to join them for Laughter Yoga in the surrounding community parks this summer. Schedules will be put up on the Facebook page, “Amador Laughter Yoga Club,” where you can join/like the page and keep up on current information. Currently, classes are held every 1st, 2nd, and 5th Monday of the month at the Jackson Senior Center at noon. 

Donations for these healthy happy classes are from $1 to $5.

Why Laughter Yoga?   

Laughter has been proven to be an effective medicine, both therapeutic and preventive. Just 10 minutes of laughter is equivalent to 30 minutes of rowing.

In the 1960’s, journalist Norman Cousins cured himself of a painful disease (which was diagnosed as terminal) using alternative therapies that were predominately LAUGHTER! His acclaimed book “Anatomy of an Illness” told the tale of his recovery and led to extensive medical research. 

Laughter Yoga Club was developed in the 90’s in India by Doctor Madan Kataria and his wife Madhuri (a yoga master teacher), and these clubs are now world wide.

The Benefits Of Laughter Yoga Are:  

Relieves stress, reduces anxiety & depression.

Enhances the immune system. Increases Lymphocytes, moves the lymph.

Improves respiratory & cardiovascular functioning, balances blood pressure.

Relieves pain, boosts endorphins.

Benefits digestion, elimination & sleep.

Encourages relaxation, enhances creativity.

Boosts self-confidence, promotes compassion, deepens creativity.

A typical session includes easy stretches, breathing practices, and an assortment of intentional laughter techniques. These simple exercises are fun and very pleasant to perform. There’s no need for costly equipment, mats or special clothing. Participants choose their level of engagement, from gentle to vigorous. The experience is suitable for all ages and all levels of ability.

We now have a Laughter Yoga Club in our Community, brought to you by certified leaders, Chris and Rita! There will also be laughter yoga classes at local businesses, clubs, schools and other organizations on request.

For more information, contact or

Come join in the fun! Ho-Ho-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!