What if all of nature vanished

No doubt our souls would quickly languish 

Skies would be vacant not a bird in sight 

Not even a solitary Eagle in flight 

With the loss of creation and all it’s glory 

Look to our memories to recreate stories 

Lakes & oceans would be empty of life 

Not one single sound of nature’s delight 

Nature’s loss will bring us ruin 

Waste these great gifts, do we know what we’re doing? 

Stewardship of the earth must be more than a phase 

Beauty of life within our gaze 

The most beautiful wildflower will be the spot 

For the delicate butterfly to make her stop 

We are but a part of a magnificent whole 

We must quickly acknowledge, what be our role

Wealth of knowledge yet to be uncovered 

Don’t let it be destroyed before it’s discovered 

Power greater than any man 

Masterpiece was created by his hands 

 EDITOR'S NOTE: cclily is a local woman who wanted to share some of her poems with our readers.