The 44th Annual Buena Vista Store & Saloon judges get to work.

In Amador County, President’s Day can mean a lot of things to a lot of different folks, but they all share one local tradition — The Buena Vista Store & Saloon Chili Cook Off.

This year’s 44th Annual Chili Cook Off started at noon as advertised, and the Buena Vista Store & Saloon, 5864 Buena Vista Road in Ione, was hopping to the music of After Dark, while the team of judges went to work to find out who would take home top honors.


Jeremy H. takes first in the Men’s Division.


Dan Griffin takes third place in the Men’s Division.

In the Men’s Division, Jeremy H. won first place with his ‘Ring of Fire’ chili. Mike’s ‘Real Deal Texas Chili’ came in second, while Dan Griffin’s ‘Pheasant and Beef’ chili took third place.


Sherry C. celebrates her first place win in the Women’s Division.


Anglela J. came in second, but still a winner in the Women’s Division.


Gina R. gets the third place win in the Women’s Division.

In the Women’s Division, Sherry C. won first place with her ‘Hoot Owl’ chili. Angela J’s ‘ chili appropriately named ‘Yummy’ came in second, While Gina R.’s ‘Gina’s Bomb Chili’ took third place.


And, a good time was had by all, as well as some Pepto Bismol.