Calling all artists and artisans of all kinds to band together to build connection and community through online Creative Respite. Coming together through online platforms is the best way to provide a brilliant environment of arts during this crisis in our county.

 According to Executive Director of the Amador County Arts Council, Meghan O’Keefe, “We must feel connected in our fantastic community. This will take efforts from all artists and artisans in Amador. She adds, “We need people to create space on the AmadorArts facebook page with events so that our isolated households have a place to go for continuous entertainment and Creative Respite. I ask that all artists contact me and that we establish an effective way for every artists to get their work online and enjoyed during this crisis.”

 The arts council is working diligently to put professional artists in touch with government and corporate assistance during this crisis. While making sure the economic losses in the artistic industries are fully acknowledged by the government, the arts council also advocates the need for artists of all kinds to continue to engage the public. The facebook page of Amador Arts is the best venue to show Amador County is united in its identity as a creative, innovative, and relevant community.  O’Keefe explains, “No one should feel alone in Amador County and Amador County Arts Council is here to provide all sorts of Creative Respite during disasters.”

 There is a need for volunteer artists in a variety of ways including:

· Zoom facilitator/host

· Online Open Mic Hosts

· Online Art Share participants - just post videos/pics of your projects

· Online Poetry SLAM - just post videos/pic/audio/text of your favorite poems by you or others

· Online Music Appreciation - hosts

· Digital Dance Party - hosts and participants to post dances/dancing of you or from other videos

· Online Art-classes - these can be live or pre-recorded.

 O’Keefe is ready now to help artists, including musicians, writers and all other arts genres, to establish their own online classroom.  In a nutshell, Amador County Arts Council is here to help artists, artisans, and arts organizations through this health and economic crisis. Together, it can work: to be in service to the wellness of the community while navigating the ongoing situation. Contact meghan.amadorarts @gmail or call 209-418-8769.