active aging

I hope you are all enjoying your summer. It’s been glorious, if a bit toasty.

I’ve been watching a LOT of television lately, and I’m appalled at the number of commercials on ‘regular’ television. You’re watching along and all of a sudden, it’s commercial time. Again. (Big sigh.) You suffer through the first few, but they still come. There’s two or three more, and just when you’re sure that one is the last one, there’s two more!  

Some of the daytime programs are just one giant commercial, especially the “more popular” ones. To a degree, they’re a little fun to watch, but after a couple of episodes, you realize that the entire program is a commercial for the prizes. The Price Is Right first comes to mind. I’m assuming that most of the prizes are given to the network for advertising, and the network, in turn, makes sure that that company gets their money’s worth.  

In between and during the programs, there are commercials for everything else. And I mean everything else. Because I’ve got nothing but empty time, I sat for a couple of hours and wrote down every commercial that aired. Again, I was thoroughly disgusted!  

Evening commercials are for cars and a few household products, however daytime commercials are mostly for “old people stuff.” I’m talking about drugs.  Lots and lots of drugs. I think there’s a drug for just about everything. They advertise stuff to take for diarrhea, then they advertise drugs for something else that gives you diarrhea. I find that a bit amusing.  

There are drugs available for headaches, some forms of cancer, eczema, heartburn, depression, shingles, constipation, muscle pain, clear skin, migraine headaches, sleeping pills… And the list goes on and on.  

Oh, and walkers. And don’t forget Medicare, AARP, life insurance, and a lot of products that older people would use, like pet supplies, and reverse mortgages. (Y’all know how I feel about reverse mortgages, I’ve written about that one before.) I was also highly surprised at the number of commercials asking people to join in huge class action suits. 

Now, I ask you folks, do you really go to your doctor and request any of this stuff by name? They have to tell you some of the side effects, which include all of the symptoms above and pills for the symptoms above. If a pill is going to give you diarrhea, why would you put it in your mouth in the first place? I guess I just don’t get it, but I think that a lot of the maladies that affect people these days can be cured with a better diet.  

Mercifully my son David came to the rescue and installed a Roku in my room so I no longer have to watch the endless commercials on commercial television. I love to hear from you at: