If you are keeping up with the very informative, Vestiges of Amador, you have read the whole life Biography of Dave Brubeck. Well, I have some of my experience to add to Dave Brubeck’s growing up here in the Mother Lode’s Ione, and then some! 

During my tenure at Amador County Museum, as Curator, I had several volunteers, and a very special one was, “Allen Martin from Ione.” Well, he told me a few stories about Dave Brubeck as he and Dave were growing up in Amador County. 

Allen said, “Dave Brubeck used to baby sit me!” 

Very interesting to say the least that a “celebrity,” such as Dave Brubeck was a very caring person with younger children, also, along with his five brothers. 

Dave worked on his dad’s ranch, while his mother, Bessie, was realizing her dream by teaching children piano lessons from all over Ione and Amador County, as well as her own boys!

As I am writing this history about Dave Brubeck, I wanted to tell people just how it came about that we created “The Dave Brubeck, In Concert” Exhibit in the Amador County Museum! Since Allen Martin grew up in Ione, and was my volunteer, be knew so much about the Brubeck family. His parents and Dave’s parents were good friends. Allen suggested we go over to UOP in Stockton to research and gather information and photos. We understood UOP had a special Curator of Dave Brubeck’s extensive collection. We made a trip to UOP and gathered the material to create an exhibit of Dave Brubeck. As a result, this very notable person, came alive in Amador County! 

Yes, we had a grand opening of the Dave Brubeck Exhibit, with many locals attending. People came from near and far to honor this special person. To this day, Dave’s exhibit is very much a part of Amador County Museum. The Brubeck Exhibit shows visitors interesting photos with a timeline from birth, childhood and leading to his future as a renowned “Jazz” icon of the United States and all over the world! 

I recently came across more information regarding the 20 year end of an era as the home of the Brubeck Institute Collection, located at The University of the Pacific. “The University of the Pacific is ending the official relationship of Brubeck Institute and Collection in December, 2019.”

I have quoted the above sad, sad news release posted on March 27, 2019 in the Stockton Record, by Lori Gilbert, Record Staff Writer. (You may check the complete release at­endin -official Brubeck’s relationship with University of the Pacific.)

This quote from the above news release, dated March 27, 2019 by Dave’s son, Chris Brubeck, noted, “the material and collection has been archived and digitized, including photos, music, and more, but, NO NEW HOME at this time.” 

I have garnered even more significant background of the personal life of Dave and Iola Brubeck’s two fabulous homes from “Town and Country, Top of the Line for Diamonds, Jewelry and High Fashion Magazine,” September, 2019 issue! And I quote, “Architect, Beverly David Thorne, (now goes by Beverly Thorne), who built their Oakland, California home, he created an eclectic effect by cantilevering over a rocky slope, with gorgeous views of San Francisco Bay.” 

After more soul searching, wanting to be closer to family, because his music and concerts took him away so often, they decided to pull up stakes in the 60’s, and move to Connecticut. They used the same architect, Beverly David Thorne, to build another unusual home, similar to the Oakland home. This new home was also cantilevered over a steep slope, very unusual and beautiful as the Oakland home. The children kept this Connecticut home just the way it was when their parents moved in, so long ago. 

I will end with a quote from Town and Country magazine, “David was just a cowboy who became a ‘jazz legend,’ and was also a devoted family man with many children and his lovely wife, Iola.”

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! There’s more...Latest news from Ledger Dispatch’s new edition of “In The Neighborhood,” By Rachel Norris on August 16, 2019, “A major undertaking of a historic preservation project on the Ione home of Dave Brubeck,” noted by Larry White of Jackson Casino Resort. 

Wow, what’s next? You are cordially invited to view and reminiscence the Dave Brubeck Exhibit, and many historical artifacts throughout the Amador County Museum, located at 225 Church St., in Jackson, CA. Hours are Friday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., or by special reservation, call (209) 223-6386.

Editor’s Note: This information was complied and written by Georgia Fox, Retired Curator of Amador County Museum. You may contact her at (209) 267-0774.